Giype Journal – Video Diary, Notes, Video Maker

Use this video diary to make personal journals of your life. Events, appointments, secrets, and feelings.

• No need to register or create an account.
• Password & PIN lock
• Mood tracker with emojis
• No need to type – record videos
• Set automated reminder alerts
• Easy to use
• Search entries – Filter by moods
• Make unlimited entries and save locally
• Sync your journals to the cloud – Pro
• No social media integration

You can use this diary app for different uses, such as;

Office Journal
Also called a Work Diary. You can use Giype to record happenings at work, on a new role or to document progress and challenges at work.

Relationship Log
Track your relationship with your loved ones. Everyone should keep a diary

Mood Tracker
Just this journal as a mood tracker. Using emojis, you can track and analyze your mood patterns over time. It’s super easy to use too.

Travel journal
A travel diary is a great way to record your journeys. No need to type anything just record a video

Confidence journal
A confidence diary or a secret diary is a great way to get your confidence back. No need to type anything just record a video diary. Tell the journal everything you can’t share with others. Play your recordings back to yourself to grow your confidence.

A therapy journal
There is nothing like good therapy. Many people say talking to someone about your problem usually helps. What about trying to talk to your diary? Talk to your diary and playback your videos yourself over time to see how you are progressing

A diet Journal
There is no better way to track your diet than with videos. Too tired to write about your weight loss? No problem, just record a video and see how you have progressed over time.

If you’ve been dealing with stressful, anxious situations that you find difficult to share with others, self-reflection can be a huge therapeutic help. Written diaries are one option, but writing can be time-consuming and harder to commit to.

Giype Journal is for everyone who wants to keep a private diary for self-reflection but doesn’t have the patience to write it down.

So why not make things easier?

Giype Journal is a secure, private, daily video journaling app that helps you track and improve your mental health.
– No login or account needed. Just download the app and start recording.
– All your data is kept on your phone. Sync to your Google Drive to back up your files.
– Secure your Giype Journal with your fingerprint, pattern, or a password.

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