The Gotcha is taken from the word “GOT CHANCE” which means getting a chance.

That is so that users of this application can easily find friends and business people who are hard to find, all of which can be detected with a notification that will issue a sound and pop up if the user is in the same area and region.

  • Find new friends and old friends who are already registered
  • Gotcha has features to chat, user gallery, upload photos & videos
  • Ranking system for users who have many fans/friends
  • Notify users if other users have a good or bad reputation
  • Users can find new friends, places to eat, business people and service sellers
  • Notification in real time & will sound “Gotcha!” if a friend/business actor is in the same place

Mobile Development API-development, API-documentation, slim, Java, Kotlin, PHP, android-app-development, android-studio, android-SDK, android
Developed Front-end using Kotlin, Java, and XML
and Back-end using PHP (Slim Framework).

Also done API Documentation for this project.

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