TailorMate app is CRM and Order Management solution designed for Tailoring Shops and Boutiques to manage orders in the Tailor Shop and Boutiques. TailorMate app has features like Order Management, Customer Management, Measurement Management, Managing your favorite Stitch Gallery, Reporting, Payments, Invoicing etc.

TailorMate App includes following features in the App Tailor Shops and Boutiques:

  • Setup your Tailoring Shop Profile with Shop Name, Address, Phone, Map location, Logo, shop images etc.
  • Add or Edit Orders
  • Add or Edit Customer with customer phone, email, contact address, pictures etc.
  • Add or Edit multiple dress items to an order. Each dress item can have multiple cloth images and dress pattern images, price etc.
  • Customer Management and associate an order with a customer
  • Call Customer directly from the App
  • Manage Customer’s Measurements
  • Store multiple measurement for any customer and use it on future orders
  • View Tailoring Order by Active Orders, Past Due Orders, Upcoming Orders, Delivered Orders
  • Search Orders by Customer name, Phone or Order number
  • Daily and Monthly Reports
  • Organize your past works, patterns etc. in App’s Image Gallery and organize it in folders
  • Update Shop profile
  • Send Notifications to Customer about orders status changes
  • Send invoice to customer
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Developed Front-end using Kotlin, Java, and XML
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