Taskday app

Taskday is a great productivity app that will manage and remind you of daily tasks on the go. You can add any task into Taskday; set a time and day and the app will do the rest.

Taskday helps to create a special card for your loved ones. Choose the event; birthday or anniversary, name of person, date, time, email, photo choose the card you want to send, type any personal message and then share it with your family or friend.

General Features:

  1. Set special day notifications
  2. Set snooze duration, 1 to 60 minute time duration
  3. Set date and time format
  4. Choose a task list from default or customize it
  5. Set a light or dark theme to the task
  6. Set any reminder sound
  7. Choose a reminder buzz for alarm or notification
  8. Choose an alarm duration
  9. If the stick on status bar is on, a reminder will come in the status bar
  10. If phone is locked a reminder will show on lock screen
  11. If driving mode is on a reminder alert will show at driving time
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