Welcome to Deskcode

Deskcode Solution software development services and solutions are designed with a focus on secure, scalable, expandable and reliable business systems. Through our low cost, high quality and reliable software services, we serve our clients giving them value for money and thus client satisfaction.

Our Story & Work

We embarked on our entrepreneurial journey in 2016 named Omsquare Infotech in Gujarat, India, starting with four developers. Initially focusing on product development, we later diversified into a services base in 2018, expanding our team to 20 members. As our operations evolved, we rebranded to Deskcode Solution, establishing ourselves as an incorporated entity in India. When the pandemic hit, we swiftly transitioned to remote work, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery. Our journey has been characterized by continuous growth, with our team expanding and our vision crystallizing. Now, we’re poised for further expansion, set up a new office, and extend our impact even more.

Now Deskcode Solution is one of the most successful and leading companies of the IT Development and Research industry. Moreover, it has the honor of being on the top in the industry since its establishment. And what has made us achieve all of that? Our unique strategic and result focused working methods. The techniques we use assures improved customer interaction, increased number of sales and business growth of your organization.

Our Process

The working procure that Deskcode utilizes include five significant steps of Software development that are,


Strategic Development according to the Client needs.


Testing and Debugging of any Errors and bug fixing present.


Installation and Introduction of product into the related market.

Official Release

Upgradation of software by the changing Market Trends and New Technology.

Quality Skills

Attempting to provide world-class services, we always strive to provide you with quality work and consider every effort counts.

Management Team

Our organization is powered by a capable and devoted management team. They prioritize excellence and making clients happy, leading us to success. Their vision guides us as we move forward with confidence, driven by our commitment to always get better.

Nikunj Kakadiya

Managing Director & Founder

Ankur Patel

Chief Technology Officer

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