Oddway International

  • Oddway International is the world’s leading generic drugs, medicines, and pharmaceutical wholesaler, supplier, distributors, and exporter industry in India for Chronic disease patients, Hospitals, Wholesalers, retailers, Pharmaceutical companies, and online pharmacies across the globe.
  • Our team utilizes Angular’s powerful data-binding for displaying detailed drug information, including brand names, generics, and substitutes.
  • Implements secure user authentication and authorization using Angular Firebase.
  • Facilitates easy price comparison and drug availability checks through dynamic Angular interfaces.
  • Enables users to place medication orders directly within the app with intuitive Angular Material or Bootstrap workflows.
  • Supports multilingual users with Angular’s internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) features.
  • Integrates real-time order tracking functionalities for users to monitor their orders’ status.
  • Communicates with backend servers through Angular HttpClient for fetching drug data and order details.
  • Optimizes performance with Angular’s lazy loading and AOT compilation for fast loading times.
  • Ensures app reliability and quality with robust testing using Jasmine and Protractor within Angular’s testing ecosystem.
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